OMP KR3 500 CN

Automatic sawing machine model KR3 for high productivity, allows the unloading of the different measures at the established quote. High precision due to the new system of movement for loading and unloading vices. Can cut tube bundles. 

• variable blade speed controlled by inverter with hydraulic anti-vibration system 
• touch panel easy to use, ethernet connection enabled 
• axis movement by brushless motors with ball screws 
• 3 controlled axis + hydraulical head feeding with closed loop proportional controller (with dedicated pump) 
• hydraulic regulation of clamps/vices 
• unloading at the estabilished quote with belt conveyor 
• can be equipped with a special loader that permits to cut many tubes at once 
Cutting capacity for round up to 150 mm, for square up to 130x130, for rectangular up to 200 x 100 mm

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Category: Cutting lines | Brand: OMP | Rif: 115

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