This machine allows the orbital cut of copper tube, light alloys or steel, starting from the coil. The special pneumatic pull allows optimisation of the cut according to the pipe diameter and the exclusivity of the tuning system offers cuts of different diameters with a very short tooling time.  

Technical characteristics:

Cutting range: from D.1.8 mm to D. 22mm.

Length: from 25 mm to 99.999 mm.

Kind of material: copper aluminium from a minim. thickness 0.20 to a max. 1.50 mm.

iron FE37 from a minim. thickness 0.40 to a max. 1 mm.

AISI stainless steel from a minim. thickness 0.40 to a max. 0.9 mm.

Pull apart strength: 8300 N

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Category: Cutting lines | Brand: Smi | Rif: 148

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